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Welcome to the future of technical education

Our e-learning platform reimagines the ways technical students learn and retain information. Electude’s learning modules utilize gamification principles and highly interactive resources, including animations and simulations, to create a discovery-based environment that keeps students engaged throughout their training.

With programs in light vehicles, heavy vehicles and systems technologies, Electude offers a highly adaptable platform that performs equally well in the classroom, in the shop or at home.

Light vehicles

A comprehensive curriculum of Automotive Essentials maintenance and repair learning modules, as well as a complete Electric Drive curriculum.

Heavy vehicles

Heavy Vehicle Systems include coverage of critical areas of heavy vehicles in a discovery-based environment that keeps students engaged.

Systems technologies

Electude’s new Systems Technologies teach technical students what they need to know for success today.

Partner products

Electude has joined with remarkable partners in order to create a unique integrated learning experience.

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Can we show you a thing or two?

We’re pretty proud of what we have built over the years. You can explore Electude yourself in a free trial or we can schedule a demo specially for you.